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This page is specifically dedicated to presenting crafts by Native artists. Our only regret is that we don't have room for them all.

Missouri River War Hawk by Bruce Fulton, Potawatami

Bruce Fulton has created a
wickedly beautiful reproduction of the Missouri River War Hawk, with a hand-forged head, polished hardwood handle and trimmed with buffalo hair, glass trade beads, beadwrap, deerskin, brass cones, pheasant and parrot feathers. This is definitely for the discerning collector!! Measures 8 1/2" x 22" overall. See more pictures right and below.

Cow Horn War Club by Bruce Fulton, Potawatami

Here is another wickedly bea
utiful reproduction created by Bruce Fulton. This is an exact reproduction of the war club owned by Kills Crow - the original is in the weapons museaum in St. Augustine, FL. Bruce was permitted access so that he could create this wonderful duplicate with a polished double cow horn head, hardwood handle trimmed with coyote fur, horse tail, glass trade beads, beadwrap, deerskin, brass nails and cones. This is definitely for the discerning collector!! Measures 11 1/2 (horn tip to horn tip) x 32" overall. See more pictures right and below.

Sioux Medicine Arrow

Beautiful hand-made medicine arrow with flint-knapped point trimmed with bead wrap and feathers. Measures 16 1/2" from end to end.

Buffalo Horn Cap Bagby Michele Anderson Davis, Kiowa/Apache

Michele combines her exellent beadwork skills and leather with her grandmother's teachings that she not waste anything to make these unique horn cap bags. Perfectly functional for storing and carrying small items, or make great Southwestern wall hangings. Quantities are limited to these two pictured at present, but we're hoping she'll make more soon!

Horn Cap Bag No. 1 with Blue and Yellow Beadwork

Horn Cap Bag No. 2 with White and Yellow Beadwork

Bag No. 1
Bag No. 2

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