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SANDRA PALLIE, Cherokee/Choctaw Artist

Sandra Pallie is multi-talented in Cherokee and Choctaw Arts and Crafts. Her parents and grandparents taught her about her Cherokee/Choctaw traditions and cultural arts. Using local plants, vines, roots and flowers were preferred because other supplies were too costly for most family in the 50’s. Flour sacks were collected and traded between folks to get enough of a particular pattern to make special garments. Any scrap flour sacks were saved and used in quilt making.

Sandra especially loved to watch her granny make many beautiful baskets, while her father would split the cane or oak under the old oak trees outdoors. Her granny would teach her by using the scraps of cane or oak left over from her baskets.

During the winter months, her granny would bead during her spare time while listening to the radio. While sitting on her granny’s lap, Sandra learned to bead using the irregular beads that would have been discarded otherwise.

Everyone in the family was expected to contribute and to keep busy. Idle hands were never tolerated. There were certain arts and crafts that were done in different seasons or time of day. Much like ancient times, there was a job for everyone, the elderly, the very young and the disabled.

Although Sandra would have preferred majoring in Art, it was not acceptable. Her mother said she would never make a dime with it and must think about a real career, so she minored in Art.

Through-out Sandra’s career in Nursing, Real Estate and Social Services she spent many hours in her first love, Art. At one time she had a Stained Glass Studio in Southern California where she taught others and did many commissioned windows.

When she became disabled and retired, she moved back home to Cherokee County from Southern California wanting to be close to the art community and her Cherokee home.

Since early 2000 Sandra has been able to spend time perfecting her basket making skills and even teaching classes in Basketry, Beading, Pottery, Leather Crafts and Corn Husk Doll Making. Although Sandra hardly ever enters in the local competition, she has won several awards.

You can find several articles written about Sandra Pallie on the web, in the Daily Press of Tahlequah, and Muskogee Phoenix. Some of her works of art are in local museums and gift shops. She is always happy to encourage others and teach. Her Granny would say “If you hide it under the cover it dies, but if you share with others it lives forever”.

Basket Weaver Doll - 9 1/2" Tall

Little People Shawl Dancer Doll with Sage - 7" Tall


Cherokee Gathering basket made with hand split white oak, dyed with walnut and blood root, 8.5"X 11"


Eastern Cherokee Oak Wedding Basket/Purse made with hand split white oak, dyed with walnut and blood root, 12" x 7.5" x 4."

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