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N. STARR MARTIN, Cherokee Artist

Starr Martin ᎾᏁᎯ ᏃᏈᏏ Ꮱ Ꮱ (Nanehi Noquisi Tlu Tlu) was a traditional teacher and healer of Cherokee and Lenni Lenape heritage. She was enrolled in the Western Band of Cherokee Indians, and was a direct decendant of Nancy Ward, the "beloved woman." Starr was also a Registered Nurse with sixteen years of experience and a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT). Mentored by Crosslin Smith of the Western Band Cherokee and taught by her full-blood, Cherokee Grandmother, Starr utilizes traditional, time-honored methods to facilitate healing and enlightenment in others. She was a self-taught artist, beginning her artwork in 1995 following a life changing, permanently disabling accident. Art is how she helped herself heal. She continued to help others as well. She was dedicated to living, teaching, preserving and painting the old ways of her native heritage and spiritual values. Starr made her journey on December 4, 2016. We will see her again!

Agi's Eternity

"Agi" is the Cherokee term for Mother, affectionate not formal. The legend is as follows: "The Earth Mother's heart is at peace as she contemplates eternity undaunted by her current challenges. She dwells on the eternal cycles of her seasons, the diversity of her places, and the goodness of the Creator who makes all things right. The red clover blossoms signify cleansing and healing." c.2002 - Custom-framed, triple-matted Original in Colored Pencil and Technical Drawing Ink, 18" H x 18" W.

(Enlarged to show detail)

  On The Outside Looking In -

"A young chameleon observes the life, activities, colors and whimsies of a band of geckos. He is secure in the knowledge he is perfectly acceptable in his chameleon-ness, that its OK to be different. It simply renders him unique. Lizard Medicine is about dreaming our dreams and creating out own realities." c.1996 - Custom Framed Original in Colored Pencil and Technical Drawing Ink, 25" W x 25" H.

(Enlarged to show detail)

Mountain of Light - Mount Shasta -

"She is shown in the wintertime, at moonrise. It is then she shines most brightly and peace reigns upon the Earth. Fir boughs and poinsettias signify cleansing and survival against all odds. Cardinals and Jays come to you and the wild is tamed by her very presence. Shasta is a sanctuary for our souls, sacred earth and sister to all she sees. She holds us, enfolds us and reminds us of our connection to the great mystery." c.1997 - Custom Framed Original in Colored Pencil and Technical Drawing Ink, 19 1/4" H x 19 1/4" W.

(Enlarged to show detail)

  Medicine Falcon -

"From his high perch he sees all and calls out his gratitude and power. Falcon has keen vision and misses nothing - not even the smallest detail. He takes only what he needs, offering thanks. He is seen near the water as it is the source of his life and well-being. His heart is strong, true and forever connected to the Maker of Breath. The weavings signify the details the falcon's perceptive eye never misses." c.1996 - Custom Framed Original in Colored Pencil and Technical Drawing Ink, 20 1/2" W x 16 1/2"H.

(Enlarged to show detail)

Like what you see, but want something that is uniquely yours? Starr specializes in custom mandallas that she carefully creates after personal consultations to ascertain the colors, items and emotions to incorporate into each magical work of art - Let her create a special mandella just for you!

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