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Singer Brass Chip Inlay Collection

Here's a really unusual collection by Tommy Singer. I am told that this collection was created for either a native man and woman that could not afford the pieces in Sterling Silver, or that these are prototype pieces that he designed in order to create Sterling silver ones. Either way, they are amazing! I'm not much for polishing, and since most collectors tend to want to see to their own, I've left these pieces alone. I lovingly polished them when I bought them, and can assure you that the turquoise and coral chip inlay has survived in excellent condition - a miracle in itself - and they look like gold. The majority of these pieces all exhibit the classic Tommy Singer "T and Cresent" hallmark (See pictures below). This collection includes 4 bracelets, two pairs of watch tips (man and woman's), thunderbird pendant, six rings, and three pair of earrings.

Your price: $2,575.00

c.1970 Chip Inlay Oval Belt Buckle by Tommy Singer, Din'eh
One of Tommy Singer's beautiful c.1970 chip inlaybelt buckles, measuring 3" x 2 1/2" oval in heavy Sterling silver, turquoise and coral chip inlay, and silver stamping in a classic "Greek key" pattern. Take a close look at the inlay - it is in remarkably good condition! So many chip inlay pieces have not faired so well. See hallmark below.

Your price: $1000.00

c.1970 Two Piece, Chip Inlay Waterbird Pin/Pendant, handmade by Tommy Singer, Din'eh
Here's a great old chip inlay piece from the master himself, Tommy Singer. This pretty, two-piece pin/pendant measures 2 3/8" x 1 1/4" and has both turquoise and coral chip inlay in silver that has survived in excellent condition.

Your price: $475.00

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