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American Indian Jewelry and Crafts with Integrity - What a Concept!

Welcome to The Zuni Connection. We are dedicated to providing you with the absolute finest American Indian jewelry, pottery and crafts available. We offer ever-changing selections directly from well-known and well-published Zuni, Dineh (Navajo), Santa Domingo, Hopi, Acoma, Jemez, Laguna, artists, not "unknowns" and "wannabees."

Exactly what makes us different from other Indian goods dealers? Allow me a few lines, and I will be honored to show you.

First, we get the majority of our handmade pieces directly from the indigenous artists who make them. We pay our friends what they ask for their work, not what we can "bargain" them down to. We pay a fair price for these treasures, and we won't insult your intelligence and offer you these treasures at ridiculous prices.  Please understand that our goal is to have these artists paid fairly for their hard work and talent. Real turquoise, silver and talent come at a price, and authentic, quality Native American goods cannot be made for nothing. Honestly, if the price is too good to be true, it is!!

What we will promise you is a fair price, usually much less than the South West trading posts will give you, exceptional quality, and items handmade by the artist we say it was made by.

Second, we adhere strictly to the Federal Indian Arts and Crafts Act. We will not play games with you and let you "guess" about our merchandise. Unless otherwise clearly labeled, our jewelry is "American Indian handmade," the tribal affilliation of the maker of the item will be clearly listed, and will tell what the item is made of. We will provide you with signed certificate of authenticity for all of our handmade items upon request. Please allow us to be your source for fine American Indian jewelry and crafts.

Items from Din'eh (Navajo) artists are usually highly individual. Zuni artists, however, do specific pattern work. While many of their items are instock, because of our relationships with these artists, many of these items can be back-ordered.  Please understand that since these are handmade items, you must understand the concept of "Indian time."  Depending on the workload of the artist and the time of year, you may have to wait two weeks or three months, but whatever the wait, it will be worth it!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Littlebird@thezuniconnection.com  

The Zuni Connection supports The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee,
and  serves as a Support Contact for Central Florida. We are committed
to the restoration and protection of indigenous rights and sovereignity. 

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